2022 W. Canada Barley Area, Production & Quality

This interactive map provides data on barley area and production in W. Canada by Census Agricultural Region in each province.  Please contact the CMBTC for further information.

Seeded Area: 3,552,900 acres
Harvested Area: 3,257,900 acres
Production: 5,380,670 metric tonnes
Yield: 75.9 bushels per acre

Seeded Area: 2,781,600 acres
Harvested Area: 2,574,200 acres
Production: 3,550,934 metric tonnes
Yield: 65.40 bushels per acre

Seeded Area: 423,500 acres
Harvested Area: 406,600 acres
Production:  657,317 metric tonnes
Yield: 74.3 bushels per acre

Source: Statistics Canada – Crop year 2022.

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