2021 W. Canada Barley Area, Production & Quality

This interactive map provides data on barley area and production in W. Canada by Census Agricultural Region in each province.  The map also includes barley quality results from the CMBTC’s 2020 provincial regional variety trial program which included 10 malting barley varieties grown at 25 sites across the Prairies including: AC Metcalfe, CDC Copeland, AAC Synergy, AAC Connect, CDC Bow, CDC Fraser, Lowe, CDC Copper, CDC Churchill and AB BrewNet. Average key barley quality indicators across all varieties by location are provided (protein, germination, 1,000 kernel weight and plumpness).  Please contact the CMBTC for further information.

Seeded Area: 3,866,900 acres
Harvested Area: 3,458,100 acres
Production: 3,57,0679 metric tonnes

Seeded Area: 3,707,200 acres
Harvested Area: 3,299,500 acres
Production: 2,547,375 metric tonnes

Seeded Area: 4,12500 acres
Harvested Area: 394,500 acres
Production: 686,400 metric tonnes

Source: Statistics Canada – Crop year 2021.

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